Frank Zappa/The Mothers Of Invention Acetates

Unsorted acetates
25 7" acetates series

8" Audiodisc acetates series (counterfeits)

Unsorted acetates

1966: Help I'm A Rock
1966: How Could I Be Such A Fool/Anyway The Wind Blows
1966: Wowie Zowie/Hungry Freaks
1969: Dog Breath/Dog Breath Variations
1969: Willie The Pimp/Peaches En Regalia
1969: Little Umbrellas/Mr. Green Genes
1970: Toads Of The Short Forest/Between The Acts: Twenty Little Cigars
197?: Transylvania Boogie/Would You Go Away/Tell Me You Love Me/Road Ladies
1971: Tears Began To Fall
1971: Tears Began To Fall/Junier Mintz Boogie
1972: One Shot Deal
19??: Waka/Jawaka/The Gumbo Variations
1974: Apostrophee/Apostrophee
1974: Uncle Remus/Cosmik Debris
19??: I Don't Wanna Get Drafted

25 7" acetates series

There is a discussion about these 7" acetates at the Zappateers forum. You can also read the original ebay description there.

19??: Hungry Freaks Daddy
19??: I Ain't Got No Heart
19??: Who Are The Brain Police?
19??: Motherly Love
19??: How Could I Be Such A Fool
19??: Wowie Zowie
19??: You Didn't Try To Call Me
19??: I'm Not Satisfied
19??: You're Probably Wondering Why I'm Here
19??: Trouble Comin' Every Day
19??: Cheap Thrills
19??: Deseri
19??: Jelly Roll Gum Drop
19??: Later That Night
19??: Fountain Of Love
19??: Stuff Up The Cracks
19??: Dog Breath
19??: Peaches En Regalia
19??: Little Umbrellas
19??: Camarillo Brillo
19??: I'm The Slime
19??: Fifty-Fifty
19??: Strictly Genteel
19??: Pedro's Dowry
19??: Duke Of Prunes

8" Audiodisc acetates series (counterfeits)

Go to Zappateers forum to read more about these acetates.

19??: Hungry Freaks Daddy (counterfeit)
19??: Call Any Vegetable (counterfeit)
19??: Why Don'tcha Do Me Right? (counterfeit)
19??: Sink Trap (counterfeit)
19??: Gypsy Airs (counterfeit)
19??: The Idiot Bastard Son (counterfeit)
19??: Mom And Dad (counterfeit)
19??: What's The Ugliest Part Of Your Body? (counterfeit)
19??: Who Needs The Peace Corps? (counterfeit)
19??: Stuff Up The Cracks (counterfeit)
19??: Dog Breath (counterfeit)
19??: Mr. Green Genes (counterfeit)
19??: Peaches En Regalia (counterfeit)
19??: Willie The Pimp (counterfeit)
19??: Son Of Mr. Green Genes (counterfeit)
19??: Little Umbrellas (counterfeit)
19??: The Gumbo Variations (counterfeit)
19??: It Must Be A Camel (counterfeit)
19??: Bognor Regis (counterfeit)
19??: Theme From Burnt Weeny Sandwich (counterfeit)
19??: Didja Get Any Onya? (counterfeit)
19??: Prelude To The Afternoon Of A Sexually Aroused Gas Mask (counterfeit)
19??: My Guitar Wants To Kill Your Mama (counterfeit)
19??: My Guitar (counterfeit)