Singles with Frank Zappa on the sleeve

19??: Various Artists - Up In A Puff Of Smoke/Showdown/Charmer/I Fought The Law (EP)
19??: Various Artists - Sideshow/Star On A TV Show/Heavy Fallin' Out/Three Ring Circus (EP)
19??: Various Artists - Lightin' Blue Bar/Save Me/You Set Me Heart On Fire/Get Dancin' (EP)
19??: Various Artists - Iron Man/Country Wine/Down By The Lazy River/Keep Playin' That Rock 'N' Roll (EP)
19??: Various Artists - Those Were The Days/I Close My Eyes And Count To Ten/La Nostra Favolo (Delilah)/Aveo Un Cuore (Che Ti Amaya Tanto) (EP)
1991: Coffin Break/Victims Family – Cry/My Evil Twin
2010: Anne Frank Zappa - I Breathe Fire/Inside My Head/A-B-C/I Wanna Die For You/Would You Kill For Me?/(Hey Baby) Dig My Moves (EP)