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Frank Zappa/Mothers Of Invention cassingles

1968: Mother People/Flower Punk/Nasal Retentive Caliope Music/Absolutely Free
1987: Frank Zappa Of The Mothers Of Invention
1991: Stairway To Heaven/Bolero
1995: Cosmik Debris/My Guitar Wants To Kill Your Mama/Transylvania Boogie

Suspicious Cassingles

19??: Valley Girl/Valley Girl

Cassingles featuring other artists

1993: Kronos Quartet/Frank Zappa - Excerpt From Thirty Pieces For String Quartet/4'33"

3" CD Singles

1987: Peaches En Regalia/I'm Not Satisfied/Lucille Has Messed My Mind Up
1988: Sexual Harassment In The Workplace/Watermelon In Easter Hay
1988: Zomby Woof/You Didn't Try To Call Me
1988: Montana (Whipping Floss)/Cheepnis
1991: Trouble Every Day/Cosmik Debris/Porn Wars

4,7" CD Singles

1991: Stairway To Heaven/Bolero
1991: Bobby Brown Goes Down/I Have Been In You/Dancin' Fool
1993: Valley Girl/You Are What You Is
1994: I Don't Wanna Get Drafted/Dinah Moe Humm/My Guitar Wants To Kill Your Mama
1995: Bobby Brown Goes Down/Valley Girl/The Torture Never Stops
1995: Elvis Has Just Left The Building
1999: Peaches En Regalia/Willie The Pimp/Dirty Love/Fifty-Fifty
2001: Dancin' Fool (Disco Version)/Baby Snakes
2011: Peaches En Regalia (Music Box)

Digital Download Singles

2011: Penguin In Bondage/The Little Known History Of The Mothers Of Invention

Special Items

2003: Peaches En Regalia (Music Box)
2006: Trouble Comin' Every Day/Who Are The Brain Police? (no CD, only sleeve)
2006: Motherly Love/I Ain't Got No Heart (no CD, only sleeve)