Son Of Suzy Creamcheese/Big Leg Emma (1967)

The Mothers Of invention


Verve Records France
Official re-release

Verve Records 58 516 France

Matrix A: VEV 58 516 PPN 2925 380 Matrix B:VEV 58 516 PPN 2926 380 (stamped)

Son Of Suzy Creamcheese Big Leg Emma
Son Of Suzy Creamcheese sleeve - Front - France Son Of Suzy Creamcheese sleeve - Back - France

Here is another sleeve with a "Mini Pop" print.

Son Of Suzy Creamcheese sleeve - Front 2 - France



Sleeve: From RJ:

"The “mini pop” logo on the Big leg emma French single. It’s just this, a logo, nothing else. Not the name of a magazine or tv show. It has a meaning similar to the Psychedelia67 logo on the back. “mini” is just to say that it’s not an lp. For the French of that time it’s like saying: “Little record of pop music” or “pop music single” or “pop music mini record” etc…"


English translation of the information found on the back of the sleeve.

ABSOLUTELY FREE. Coming straight from Los Angeles, Frank Zappa – Composer, arranger, director, guitarist – Ray Collins, vocals, Bunk Gardner, piccolo flute, clarinet, alto and tenor saxophone, Jim Black, total percussion and “rain-dance” – (he's an original Sioux-Indian) – Don Preston, piano and organ, Roy Estrada, bass guitar, Billi Mundi, drums, form the most extraordinary band coming from the West-coast from the United States since many years. The music of the MOTHERS OF INVENTION, is it Rock ? Dodecaphonic (twelve-tone) music ? Free jazz ? A social satire ? Can we define it exactly ? That is not possible. The musical universe of Frank Zappa and his disciples also as well contains black Rock-n-Roll as the music of Albert Ayler, Pousseur and Edgar Varese.

In 1930, the music of the latter was described as: ”succession of dissonant tones, a cacophonic tumult, a crazy musical abortion”.... It is possible that these mentioned thoughts attack the minds of the non-prepared after their first visual and auditive contact with the MOTHERS OF INVENTION. Their stage performance is shocking. But the experienced listeners immediately appreciate the exceptional musical capabilities of this band of which we present you two satiric pieces.

RAINBOW, public relations

Thanks to Eelco Janzen for translation.


Official re-release:

"Big Leg Emma" was never released on the original Absolutely Free LP, but was issued on the CD version.
Go to (US) or G & S Music (UK) to get it.