Don't Eat The Yellow Snow/Cosmik Debris (1974)

Frank Zappa


Discreet USA
Discreet Canada
Reprise Records New Zealand
Official re-release

Discreet DSS 1312 USA

Matrix variation 1: Matrix A: DSS 1312 RCA 4739-V1-S 1A SS Matrix B: DSS 1312 RCA 3998-S 1B SSS (engraved, both sides have Artisan logo)
Pressing Plant: Columbia Records, Santa Maria, California.
Matrix variation 2: Matrix A: RCA 4739 V1S-1A Matrix B: RCA 3998S -1B (stamped)
Matrix variation 3: Matrix A: RCA 4739 V1 S - 1 B Matrix B: RCA 3998 S - 1A (stamped)
Matrix variation 4: Matrix A: RCA 4739 V1S -1B Matrix B: RCA 3998 S-1B (stamped)
Pressing Plant: Columbia Records, Pitman, New Jersey. (matrix variation 2, 3 and 4)
Matrix variation 5: Matrix A: RCA 4739 V1S -1C TII Matrix B: RCA 3998 S-1C TII (stamped, TII is engraved)
Matrix variation 6: Matrix A: RCA 4739 V1S-1C TIII Matrix B: RCA 3998S-1D TI (stamped, TIII and TI is engraved)
Matrix variation 7: Matrix A: RCA 4739 V1S -1D TI Matrix B: RCA 3998 S-1D TI (stamped, TI is engraved)
Pressing Plant: Columbia Records, Terre Haute, Indiana. (matrix variation 6, 7 and 5)

Don't_Eat_The_Yellow_Snow Cosmik_Debris


General: To the right is a sealed copy with a cardboard sheet. It was wraped like this so that it could be hung by retailers and placed in the racks together with LP's
Sleeve: This single comes with a white paper sleeve.

Title strip 1 image from Ton van Mierle.
Title strip 2 image from Eelco Janzen.
Matrix variation 2 and 6 from Ton van Mierle.
Matrix variation 3 from Eelco Janzen.
Matrix variation 4, 5 and 7 from Dieter Jakob.

Dont Eat The Yellow Snow


Discreet DSS 1312 Canada

Matrix A: RCA-4739S-1A-2G: S1 Matrix B: RCA-3998S-1A-2G: (engraved)
Pressing Plant: Columbia Records, Don Mills, Ontario.

Don't_Eat_The_Yellow_Snow Cosmik_Debris
WEA Factory Sleeve Canada WEA Factory Sleeve Canada


Sleeve: Eelco Janzen found a copy with the WEA sleeve presented above. My copy came had a white paper sleeve with the sticker shown to the right.
Label: The label has a misprint. Cosmik Debris is spelled Cosmick Debris.

Factory sleeve images from Eelco Janzen.


Reprise Records RO 1312 New Zealand

Matrix A: RCA 4739S Matrix B: RCA 3998S (engraved)

Don't_Eat_The_Yellow_Snow Cosmik_Debris



Label and factory sleeve images from BengoFury.



Official re-release:

The single version of "Don't Eat The Yellow Snow" was re-released on Strictly Commercial.
Go to G & S Music (UK) to get it.