Marsha Gee/The Hollywood Persuaders - Baby, I Need You/Hollywood A-Go-Go (19??)


Uptown Records/Capitol Records
Official re-release

Uptown Records/Capitol Records AR-4739 Promo? Test pressing?

Matrix A: AR-4739-A DH AS DH 95 Matrix B: AR-4739-B AS EDDIE FORSTITXXX (engraved)

Baby,_I-Need_You Hollywood_A-Go-Go


General: This is a very strange single. I do not know when it was released. The label says Promotion Copy, but it looks like a test pressing. Maby the test pressings was used as promo copies?
I also find it strange that the b-side says Capitoll Records, since The Hollywood Persuaders was on the Original Sound label.
Is this single the real deal?


Official re-release:

"Hollywood A-Go-Go" can be found on Paul Buff Presents Highlights From The Pal And Original Sound Studio Archives. Go to Crossfire Publications to order the 5-CD box set.

Official WAV file of the b-side are found on Paul Buff Presents The Pal And Original Sound Studio Archives: The Collection. This set includes 473 tracks on a flash drive. Go to Order Form For Crossfire Publications Products to get it.

Official MP3 download of the b-side can be bought from CDBaby. Link to the albums are found below.

"Hollywood A-Go-Go":
The Hollywood Persuaders - Singles & Rarities
Paul Buff Presents The Pal And Original Sound Studio Archives, Vol. 14