The Man From Utopia Meets Mary Lou/Sex (1983)

Frank Zappa


CBS The Netherlands

CBS CBSA 3397 The Netherlands

Matrix A: NL FW 38403 H7 AS 01_3397_1A_1 AM A Matrix B: FW 38403 H7 BS NL AM 01_3397_1B_1 A (stamped, FW 38403 H7 AS/BS and AM is engraved)

The_Man_From_Utopia_Meets_Mary_Lou Sex
Sleeve_1 Sleeve_2


Sleeve: The sleeve to the right with a promo sticker may have been used outside The Netherlands.

From Dieter Jakob:

"Thought you might be interested in the enclosed promo(?). it’s the dutch stock copy with an English promo sticker on the front cover. I bought it from a seller in the UK. I guess this was the way how to distribute promos in the uk."

Promo sleeve image from Dieter Jakob.