Sharleena/Grand Prize Stun Solo (1987)

Frank Zappa/Michael Sciuto


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Sharleena Grand_Prize_Stun_Solo

This is perhaps a bit off-topic, but I could not let this nice story from Eelco Janzen get lost.

"Last year (November 9, 2010) Zappa Plays Zappa had a concert in Hengelo, a small town in the eastern part of my country.

It was a big surprise when I was called by Claude Vanheye, a Dutch pop-photographer, who has worked with Frank a lot in the sixties and seventies.
Do you know the pictures of Frank in his tiger-slip on the covers of the bootlegs like Fire! and Swiss Cheese ? They were made in the studio of Claude in Amsterdam (and stolen by the bootleggers).
A day before the concert he called me asking me if I was interested to come with him and get my name on the guest list !!!
I met Claude on the Utrecht record-fair some years ago, we got into contact while talking about Frank Zappa etc., later we mailed sometimes with me giving information and he telling interesting stories of days-gone-by.

So we got in Hengelo and witnessed the sound-check and the concert and after that we got back-stage and Claude had the possibility to talk to Dweezil and show (and give some of) the great pictures he took of his father and in this way to get (possibly?) an interesting contact to work with the Zappa-family.
I had taken the GuitarPlayer 20th Anniversary Issue (the one with the flexidisk) with me to try to get an autograph of the Dweez. And so I got his "scribble" (see the attached picture). It was a great concert and a great experience, one of the best Zappa experiences I had (next to the two live concerts I attended of Frank and the Mothers, Amsterdam 1970 and Rotterdam 1980).

Just a story of grandfather telling one of his Zappa-experiences...